Lake d'Evereux Community

Welcome to Lake d'Evereux! We residents take pride in our beautiful community by the lake in historic Fairfax County. One can trace the heritage of this area back to the time of George Washington. What is now Lake d'Evereux was adjacent to the Mount Vernon estate that covered a good part of northern Virginia. During the Civil War, this contested area saw the likes of both Confederate and Union forces. It served as basically farmland up to the time when the Washington metropolitan area began to expand to the south.

Tennis Court Information

Since work has resumed on the tennis courts, questions have been asked about what is happening. So we want to take this opportunity to provide an update.

Covid-19 Community Updates

Please click "Read More" for a message from Board President, Steve Stephens.


Today is May 1st, 2020 and the state of emergency that has been declared for Virginia in response to COVID-19 is still in effect.  Accordingly, we are still adhering to the procedures outlined in the e-mails below.   

Our scheduled Spring Clean-Up Day (May 16th), and our next LDCA General Membership meeting (May 19th) are cancelled.

E-mail Communication Update

Please Note: All Contact E-mail Addresses are listed as Text Only to help protect us from E-mail Spam.
Please convert the (at) text to the @ symbol before sending e-mail communications.

Questionnaires from Lending Organizations or Insurance Requests

If you need a questionnaire completed regarding the homeowners association, please contact the current LDCA Treasurer, Ms. Tania Malferrari at ldcatreasurer(at) If you need a copy of the LDCA insurance statement, please contact State Farm's Sharon Godfrey Insurance Agency at: or linda(at) or 703-356-0777.

HOA Disclosure Packets

A disclosure packet can be obtained by contacting Mr. Steve Stephens (ldcadisclosurepak(at) The cost is $100 and the check should be payable to Lake d'Evereux Community Association.

LDCA General Membership Meetings for 2019

General Membership Meetings for 2019 are all scheduled in the Helen Wilson Room at the Franconia Government Center, 6121 Franconia Road, Alexandria VA 22310. The dates are: Tuesdays, February 19, May 21, August 20 and November 19 at 7:30 pm.

Dog-walking fundamentals

What do I do if I see someone who walks their dog(s) in our neighborhood without a leash or allows their dog to defecate on someone else’s property without cleaning up after the dog? These acts are against the law and are subject to fines of $250. If you see this occurring, please ask the pet owner to comply with the law, otherwise, the Fairfax County Police ask anyone who witnesses these acts to call 703-691-2131.

Looking for an Opportunity to Volunteer?

The LDCA is a volunteer-managed homeowners association.  We welcome participation from our residents.  If you are interested in serving as a Committee or Board Member or finding out more information, please contact any Committee Chair or Board member.

Prospective LDCA Newsletter advertisers!

To advertise in the LDCA newsletter follow these simple steps: a) download the application form below under ‘Read more’; b) fill in the form and save it with your name or initials as part of the extension so we know who you are; c) attach the completed form to an email addressed to LDCA Treasurer Tania Malferrari at ldcatreasurer(at) and LDCA newsletter editor Mark Greenblatt at


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