Board Members

The purpose of the Lake d'Evereux Community Association (LDCA) Board is to manage the affairs of the Association as specified in the Articles of Incorporation, the Declaration and the By-Laws, which represent the governing documents for the community.

President - Steve Stephens -
Vice President - Jon Kaskin- vicepresident(at)
Secretary/At-Large Delegate - Ned Hogan - secretary(at)
Treasurer/At-Large Delegate - Tania Malferrari - treasurer(at)
At-large Delegate -   Regina Greenblatt - AtLargeDelegate2(at)
At-large Delegate - Dave Wegner - AtLargeDelegate3(at)
At-large Delegate - Barbara Lawless - AtLargeDelegate5(at)


Lake d'Evereux Community Association
Box 10557
Alexandria,  VA 22310

Details concerning the LDCA Board can be found in the Association By-Laws, Articles IV through VII.