Updated 2020 Committees
The Lake d'Evereux Community Association (LDCA) Board of Directors appoints the members of LDCA committees.  The LDCA President designates the chair of each committee. All committee members must be members of the Association in good standing. These committees carry out the directives and guidance of the Board and serve as the mechanisms through which the Association conducts its business, whether it be contracting work in the community, disseminating information to the residents, ensuring the safety and security of Lake d'Evereux, enforcing the Association's policies and restrictions, or maintaining the lake and other common areas.


Standing Committees:

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) - Dick Reed - ldca.acc(at)

Common Area Maintenance Committee - Marlys Norby - common-area(at)

Communications Committee - Karen Walker and Graham Warwick - ldcanews2(at)

Lake Committee - Joe & Carol Devine - lake(at)

Neighborhood Watch Committee - Barbara Lawless -

Social and Recreational Committee - Andrea Cale -


Responsibilities of the Committees:

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) - The ACC is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Declaration as it applies to prohibited uses and nuisances. This includes an enforcement function. The ACC also reviews all resident requests for any addition or change to their property. You can contact the ACC at ldca.acc(at)


ACC Representatives


Larry Thimm (703) 922-5010

  Dogue Forrest Court

  D'evereux Court

  Dreams Way Court


Mario Cordero (703) 719-0980

  Lake Cove Drive (7100-7135)

  Lake Cove Court

  Pleasant Point Court


Jon Kaskin (703) 922-6933

  Lake Cove Drive (7136-7211)

  Mariner's Mill Court


David Wegner (703) 924-9291

  Calabria Court

  Chapel Gate Court

  Green Glade Court

  D'Evereux Circle Drive


Douglas Drob (571) 242-5839

 Captains Cove Court

 Snug Harbor Court

 Glen Green Court


Drew Lee

Ned Hogan



Common Area Maintenance Committee - The Common Area Maintenance Committee is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the community common areas. Most of this is accomplished through an LDCA contract with Blade Runners Inc. for mowing and landscaping.  The LDCA has a contract with O’Brien’s Restorations Inc. for snow removal after approximately 3 inches of total snow accumulation plus sanding when needed for the LDCA-owned roads (in front of the townhomes).  If there is any damage caused in the performance of this contract, please send an Email to the LDCA Common Area Maintenance Committee snow removal contact (Brooke George) within 24 hours.  Fairfax County is responsible for snow removal and sanding as needed for the public roads in the community. If there is any damage caused by county snow removal crews, contact Fairfax County directly. All residents are responsible for snow removal or treatment of any ice accumulation on sidewalks located adjacent to their homes.


Communications Committee - The gathering and dissemination of information to the residents of Lake d'Evereux is the primary function of this committee. This is carried out by publication of the quarterly newsletter, other special publications, and the operation of the community website.


Neighborhood Watch Committee - Neighborhood Watch is responsible for planning and coordinating the Neighborhood Watch program in conjunction with the Fairfax County Police Department. The committee's main purpose is to ensure the safety and well being of the community.


Nominating Committee - Prior to Board elections, this committee is responsible for putting together a slate of nominees for positions whose terms are about to expire. This slate of candidates is put before the Board for review prior to the actual election.


Lake Committee - This ad hoc committee ensures the upkeep of the lake in the community. Much of this is conducted through contractual assistance in the form of developmental planning and related maintenance, to include the construction of new improvements.


Social and Recreational Committee - This ad hoc committee plans community social functions and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the tennis courts and tot lot.


Details concerning the committee structure can be found in Article VIII of the LDCA By-Laws. Further information on the ACC is also outlined in Article VI of the Association's Declaration.