Lake d'Evereux Community

Welcome to Lake d'Evereux! We residents take pride in our beautiful community by the lake in historic Fairfax County. One can trace the heritage of this area back to the time of George Washington. What is now Lake d'Evereux was adjacent to the Mount Vernon estate that covered a good part of northern Virginia. During the Civil War, this contested area saw the likes of both Confederate and Union forces. It served as basically farmland up to the time when the Washington metropolitan area began to expand to the south. Eventually, in the early 1980s, Lake d'Evereux was incorporated as a community, on land previously used as a pony farm.

Lake d'Evereux is a diverse community. We have people who work for the government and private industry, retirees and children of all ages. Our location is very convenient, with close access to the Metrorail transit system, schools, and recreational areas. The community association continuously strives to enhance our already excellent quality of living. Safety, overall peace of mind, and the maintenance of a very attractive place to raise a family are our primary objectives.

We look ahead to a very promising future. As Lake d'Evereux matures, one can be assured that we will preserve the uniqueness of this community as well as maintain its overall high property value. If you are a resident of Lake d'Evereux, continue to enjoy the many benefits of your community. For those who are relocating from outside the Washington area, or from other nearby developments, please come visit our community by the lake and experience the beauty of Lake d’Evereux.

Pat Geary
Past President
Lake d'Evereux Community Association