Tennis Court Information

Since work has resumed on the tennis courts, questions have been asked about what is happening. So we want to take this opportunity to provide an update.

After about five years of research and discussions, we contracted with Bishop Tennis to renovate the unsightly tennis courts. The work on the renovation began a year ago, but during the process, a drainage problem was identified that had to be fixed before work could be continued without compromising the warranty. The drainage work began May 15th and is estimated to be complete in early June. At that time, our community will be added onto Bishops schedule and renovation should be complete in June. All of this, of course, is weather permitting. Until then please keep away from the court while they are working on it and the gate will be locked at night. After the court is resurfaced, rules on access, and how/what it can be used for (based on contractor warranty requirements) will be promulgated on the official LDCA web-site.

In addition to tennis, the courts will have pickleball markings, youth tennis markings, and a backboard. These additions will allow the courts to be used in a variety of new ways that expand past a tennis only court. This will help make them appealing to even more members within our community.

Once renovated, our tennis courts will be a real asset to the appearance of the community. To help the community enjoy the courts even more, our tennis committee chairperson, Dana Gardiner, will lead an effort to form leagues and provide instruction on both tennis and pickleball. This will not only help bring our community together on the courts but will encourage new skill building. Dana will be mindful of all COVID-19 concerns and issues. That may mean that some social events related to the courts must be delayed until it is deemed safe to bring community members together. 

Still, community members will be encouraged to bring their family members to the courts to play tennis, pickleball or use the backboards. There are some great videos on YouTube that provide information on a USTA program, 10 and Under Tennis, and about pickleball. See the list below. 

We are excited by the new courts and the upcoming activities! If you have questions or are interested in any of the above activities, email Dana at danagardiner12319(at)

Pickle Ball:

10 and Under Tennis: